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Hi, I’m Amy Jo! I’m passionate about every type of creation, whether it be music, visual art, writing, or anything in between. I’m always busy doing some kind of project, and this blog is another one of them.


I’ve come here on a mission. A mission to create something every day for 365 days in a row.

I’ve always wanted to be an artist. But, it was one of those things where I figured I just didn’t have the natural talent for it. Sure, a few of my pieces went into art shows when I was younger, but now it’s a whole new world entering into my 30’s wanting to have pieces in art shows.

I’m a writer, and I starting picking up on the fact that if I wanted to be a professional writer and make money with my creations, I’d have to develop a habit. A daily habit. I usually don’t end the day without taking at least 15 minutes to write something down. My writing skill has improved an incredible amount over the last three years, and stories are easier to weave than ever.

But, I thought, what if I applied the same passion to my visual art? What would happen if I committed to drawing not once or twice a week, but every day? How would I improve over the course of an entire year? And, once that habit is established, how fast can I grow as a visual artist?

If I can imagine people paying for my writing, I think, with the proper amount of work, I can even imagine people paying for my art. What greater purpose is there for art than to share it and connect with other fellow human beings?

So, I’ve decided that I will commit to art every day – and maybe not just for the year, but for every day for the rest of my life. Imagine the possibilities.

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